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Kalispel Tribe

Kalispels come from the Lower Kalispels or Pend d'Oreilles. In 1855 in Hellgate, Montana the Upper Kalispels with others met with Isaac Steven and signed a treaty, which made them move to the Flathead Reservation. Isaac Steven assumed the Lower Kalispels would move there also. They remained on their land, Pend Oreile River Valley. During the 1900's white settlers began moving in on the Kalispels which ran them off their land. Northern Pacific Railroad was granted a lot of their land. In 1906 Congress gave Northern Pacific 2,711 acres where the Kalispels lived. The only compensation was forty acres for agriculture or eighty acres for grazing allotted to each member. The order was given to allot in 1911. Then in 1914 a reservation was established on allotted land.

In 1939 the new constitution was formed with a Kalispel Indian Council. In 1927 the Kalispels filed a claim with Indian Claims Commission for the land that was taken from them. On March 21, 1963 $3 million was awarded for 2,247,000 acres that was taken from them. In 1981 $114,127 was awarded for the mismanagement of Indian Claims Commission judgement and other funds as Individual Indian Money accounts held in trust by the United States. The Kalispels operate an aluminum box factory; raise buffalo to sell to organizations for banquets, established a fish hatchery and aqua farm through a fish and wildlife management program and farm raise perch, package for market.