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Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation

The 4,224.63-acre Chehalis Reservation was selected by the government in 1860 for the Upper Chehalises and Lower Chehalises. Families came to live on the reservation but many of the people lived outside of the reservation. The people were concerned about their land status because they were a non-treaty people and they received less federal help. 3,753.63 acres of the reservation were given for the homestead entry by the executive order signed by President Grover Cleveland on October 1, 1866 and 471 acres were set aside for schools. Then thirty-six people received homesteads and a third executive order took another section of the reservation for public domain in November 11, 1909. The number of the Chehalis people was 149 in 1906 and then in 1984 the number was 382.

The tribe has its own independent government with a constitution and bylaws which was adopted July 15, 1939. Qualified voters vote in the Chehalis Community Council. The Council enforces tribal ordinances, elects a business committee that manages all of the Confederated Tribes, real property and other assets and administers funds within tribal control.