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Nooksack Tribe

The Nooksack people were not able to attend the Point Elliott Treaty Council on January 22, 1855 because of bad weather. The treaty authorized the Nooksacks to move to the Lummi Reservation. The Nooksacks didn't wish to move there. On the lower and middle of Nooksack River where the Nooksack lived the whites began to settle there. This caused many conflicts between the Nooksacks and the whites.

The tribe was federally recognized in 1973. The tribe conducts business by the Tribal Council of the Nooksack Tribe. The Nooksack were a party in the suit Duwamish vs. U.S. in 1934 in which they sought payment for lands taken by the government. The Nooksack weren't officially part of the Point Elliott Treaty, which meant they weren't recognized as having original title to the lands involved.