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Spokane Tribe

In 1810 the Spokane began major trading with white men. The Northwest Company's Spokane House was established in their lands but in 1826 it was moved to the Fort Colvile. There were two major agreements between the Spokanes and the federal government. On August 18, 1877 the Lower Spokanes agreed to move by November 1, 1877 to the Spokane Reservation. It was established by an executive order on January 18,1881. Then on March 18, 1887 the Upper and Middle Spokanes agreed to move either to the Colville, Flathead or Coeur d'Alene Reservation. In 1906 651 members of the Spokane tribe were allotted 64,750-acres. By an executive order on January 18, 1881 the 133,344-acre Reservation was established.

On August 10, 1951 the tribe filed two claims one was for the land ceded to the United States, the amount the United States offered was unconscionably low. The other one was the U.S. held certain of its monies and properties in trust there was mismanagement of these monies. The claims were put together and the Commission approved a settlement of $6.7 million. The final judgement came after tribe accepted the offer December 1966. Half of the monies were distributed to 1600 members, shares for minors were placed in trust. The other monies were spent for tribal programs such as land acquisition, scholarships, resource development, credit and financing. The tribe filed another claim to the Court of Claims for mismanagement of the Indian Claims Commission judgment funds and for other funds. The tribe was awarded $271,431.23 in 1981.